Victoria Angling Club - Main Rules


                                                            PLEASE TAKE ALL LITTER HOME WITH YOU

1: The Annual General Meeting takes place in November each year.


2:  All Members must hold an appropriate, and current, Environment Agency licence before fishing. The Club will not be held in any way responsible for any legal action brought against a member for failure to observe the E A Rules.


3: Members are responsible for ensuring that their swim is free from any litter and discarded tackle prior to, and after, fishing.


4: No pets of any description are allowed on Club waters


5: Fish must not be retained in keep nets for more than 5 (FIVE) hours, as per Environment Agency guidelines. No fish over 4 (Four) pounds in weight, of any species, to be retained in keepnets.


6: Members may only use 2 (TWO) rods per Environment Agency Licence, up to a maximum of 4 (FOUR). If the maximum number of rods are being used then two licences are required


7: No fish are to be introduced, or removed, without permission from the Club Management Committee.


8: Current Membership Cards must be carried at all times when visiting Club waters. When requested to do so, Members must identify themselves by production of their Membership Card.


9: Junior Members, under the age of 16 (SIXTEEN), must be accompanied by a Senior Member on all Club Waters.   


10: Juniors over the age of 10 (TEN) years are not allowed to fish Club waters without Membership. However, Juniors under 10 may accompany a Senior Member, provided that the Junior does not take up a peg required by another Member, or shares the Senior Members peg.


11: N0 Guns OR Fires are allowed on any water, except with permission from the Club Management Committee. NO Litter, or Misbehaviour, is allowed on any water.


12: Fishing is only allowed between the hours of Dawn and Dusk, with the exception of Madeley Manor, where night fishing is allowed at the discretion of the Club Management Committee, and in agreement with the Owner.


13: Adult Members, on production of their own Current Membership Card, may inspect another Members catch, and request that a current Membership Card be produced. A refusal will be reported to the Club Management Committee.


14: Cars must be parked on the Official Club Car Parks, wherever possible. Keys for the barrier on the Car Park at Madeley Manor, which is owned by the Forestry Commission, are available at Monthly Meetings, at a cost of £5.00 each. Please see News & Notices about other sources.


15: Each Senior, OAP and Disabled Member will be allowed up to 3 (Three) Guest Permits per year, which are available on all waters from Monday to Saturday, including Bank Holidays. The permits may be obtained from the Secretary by prior arrangement. A charge of £5.00 per ticket will be made. The Member making the application MUST accompany the Guest, and is responsible for their behaviour.


16: Subscriptions run from January 1st to December 31st in any Calendar Year, and must be renewed between January 1st and 31st. Cards will be available on Tuesday's in January, between the hours of 6.00 and 8.00 p.m., from the New Albert Inn, Albert Street, Newcastle-under-Lyme, and at the January Club Meeting or by Post, from the Club Secretary, with a Stamped Addressed envelope. Any Member not renewing his/her Membership by the 31st of January will be deemed to have resigned, and, if an application is made again, they will be put onto the current waiting list, and would have to repay the joining fee.

17: The Victoria Angling Club accepts no responsibility for any injury that may be sustained whilst fishing Club waters.


18: Members are ONLY ALLOWED use BARBLESS HOOKS on all Club Waters. The following baits are banned from use on Club waters: Nuts, Bloodworm & Joker. Boilies are also banned. Ground bait, and other feed, are to be introduced into the waters in SENSIBLE quantities. No tins; cans or bottles are allowed on Club waters

Line used must not be over 15 lbs breaking strain, and hooks should be no larger than 8's.


19: The Club shall consist of Full Senior; OAP; Disabled; Lady, Student and Junior Members, together with any Honorary Members that the Management Committee may elect, in the interests of the Club. Lady membership applies only to the spouse, or partner, of the Full Senior Member. Junior Members must be relatives of a Full Senior Member. Lady and Junior Membership do not constitute full voting rights.


20: Club Bailiffs are authorised to search bags, baskets and keep nets at any time. Any breach of Club Rules will be reported to the Club Management Committee, and could lead to suspension, or even expulsion from the Club.


21: A report to the Press regarding any outstanding catch must firstly have the permission of the Club Management Committee.


22: Gentlemanly conduct must be observed at all times, and Members are not allowed to approach a Landowner, or Tenant farmer, for any favour that contravenes Club Rules.



MEMBERS ONLY, who are fishing, are allowed on the waterside at Madeley Manor, and fishing is only allowed in the designated areas. Members are asked to maintain a reasonable standard of dress (no bare chests etc.) Parking is in the Official Car Park, which is opposite the entry gate. Night Fishing is allowed, but must be booked, with a maximum of 6 anglers per night, but only for a maximum of 36 hours, and a period of 24 hours must pass before returning to the water, and only one night session may be a Saturday or Sunday.   Please observe any notices regarding weekend Matches.





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